Beijing International Exchange Association
Brief Introduction

Founded in 1989, Beijing International Exchange Association (BIEA) is a non-government organization with independent legal personality, engaged in and promoting international exchanges. It is a non-profit platform for foreign exchanges and activities and a reliable channel for international partners to seek opportunities for building cooperation at Beijing.

Over the past 30 years, BIEA has accumulated a large number of unique enterprises, governmental, diplomatic and international resources, which have become a strong support for the continuous development of the Association. At present, more than 20 experts from International Advisory Committees and nearly 100 experts from Domestic Advisory Committees have been recruited. BIEA has hold many exchange activities and build its own brand activities, such as “China-Russian Innovation and Cooperation Week and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, “Hanwang Forum”, “Exploration and Practice towards the Common Destiny Humankind”, the International Science and Technology Cooperation Series Workshops and China-Thai STEM Education Exchange Activities etc. Meanwhile, BIEA closely ties with international intergovernmental organizations through multiple channels, for example, “APEC Incubator Capacity Building Symposium towards Digital Society” hosted by BIEA is a funded project of APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI).

The purpose of BIEA is to give full play to NGOs’ flexibility and public welfare as globalization takes hold. Through organizing “bringing in & going out” two-way international practice activities, BIEA is committed to promoting international goodwill from various angles and levels, and improving our country’s good reputation and national image.

The Association is made up of a secretariat, an international cooperation department, an office, and a finance department. It has four subordinate professional committees, namely Sustainable Development Committee, the Law Professional Committee, the Culture and Trade Promotion Professional Committee and the Image Work Committee. Founded in 1988, the journal of the Association is a national comprehensive journal called FAXIAN.