According to MSU Science Park, 358 projects of Russian start-ups have applied to participate in the 1st China-Russia Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.


The 1st China-Russia Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the 2019 China-Russia Innovation and Cooperation Week was jointly proposed and held by MSU Science Park and Beijing International Exchange Association of China. “Until now, we’ve got 358 applications for this great event, including adsorption blood purification device used in treatment of sepsis, promote the wound healing of the wound dressing and hemostatic, painless gel hair removal technology, with the sunflower as raw material to produce sports nutrition food, etc.” said by the Press Office of MSU Science Park.

After the selection of the organizers from both China and Russia, 24 projects will be invited to participate in the Russia-China Innovation and Cooperation Week in China.

The competition aims to help Russian start-ups find reliable partners in China, obtain favorable production and supply conditions, and eventually enter the Chinese market, said Oleg Movsesyan, CEO of MSU Science Park.

Dr. Jieni Guo, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing International Exchange Association of China point out: "the competition aims to further strengthen scientific, technological and cultural exchanges between China and Russia, so as to inject stronger impetus into economic cooperation and development between the two countries and lay a more solid foundation for friendly relations between the two countries. I am overwhelmingly to the enthusiasms of Russian start-ups for their interest in this competition."